Sandstone Inn

Sold for $24,000,000


Becky connected the buyer & the seller in this exceptional sale

Becky was very pleased to be able to help connect two investors reach their investment goals, and it was even more pleasant that they were old friends. One expanded his holdings, and the other switched investment strategies to focus on a different type of investing.

This kind of commercial sale take hard work - even a willingness to work through the night sometimes. And it takes a knowledge of the industry coupled with knowing what your client's needs and requirements are. Becky's experience, market knowledge and negotiating skills created a successful sale and positive experience for all involved.

Becky represented the Buyer, but worked closely with the Seller as well, since it was a private sale.

A private sale, in my opinion, is the best; there’s no competition, although it will take longer. And the negotiations can be challenging, but that’s what I am here for.
— Becky Lee